We produce and distribute high quality of Electrical Conduit Fittings and Accessories under "SEC", "S", "MVE" and "MODEL" brand
  • Conduit Fittings - Connectors, Couplings, Chase Nipple, Bushing, EMT Bender, IMC Hickey and etc.
  • Clamp - Conduit Clamps, C-Channel, Beam Clamp, Applicable Hanger, Conduit Strap and etc.
  • Box - Handy Box 2x4, Square Box 4x4, L.B. Box, L.L. Box, F.S. Box, F.S.W. Box, Junction Box 1-4 Ways, Service Entrance Cap and etc.
  • Plastic & Rubber - Plastic Cable Gland, Wire Nut, Plastic Conduit Bushing, Rubber Grommet and etc.
  • Lightning and Protection - Air Terminal Rod, Multi Point Air Terminal, Aluminium Ground Test Box and etc.
  • Misc - Electrical Wire Pulling Lubricant, Fish Tape, Duct Seal Compound, Cable Tie, Stud Bolt, and etc.
  • Conduit - Panasonic, Arrow, Union, Focus, Pat, TEEFLEX, Tiger Flex, PRI
  • Plastic Trunking and Wireway - PRI, Euroduct
  • Metal Controller Box and Wireway - KJL